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Social Stats Upgrade...

Social media is a very important way of driving traffic and building authority. WP Spy lets you see at a glance where the competition is getting most of their social shares. Even more underground . . . WP Spy grades these shares for:





Social Mentions

You’ll know at a glance exactly what emotional hot buttons the other guys are pushing on social media. Follow their lead for your own viral campaigns.

Graphs Module Upgrade...

The graph module allows you to compare two sites "head ­to ­head" in graph form. See in an instant if you’re winning the battle of the SERPs vs. the enemy. Compare sites against each other for:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Google Page Rank
  • Quantcast Traffic Rank
  • Alexa Backlinks
  • Google Backlinks
  • Bounce Rate
  • Time on site
  • Social shares

It makes it so convenient to do a quick visual check on your progress. Or watch the competition annihilate each other so you can slip in and take over their positions!


See all the social shares your competition has (Discover those social strengths and weaknesses)

Save all data in a csv file for easy reference and comparison (Use to compile reports for clients)

  • Unlock all of your competitors dark secrets
  • Discover their video strategy.
  • Discover the SEO tricks they are using
  • Discover their engagement with their audience.
  • Compare your site to theirs.
  • Keep a history of all previous searches.

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Keyword Devil

  • Find hundreds of long tail buyer keywords

  • Find perfect Exact  Match Domains

  • Retrieves keyword data from multiple sources

  • A perfect addition to your marketing toolkit

  • Increase rankings and reach.

Wordpress Blog Commenter

  • Find hundreds of targeted blogs in your niche

  • Build trust by linking to authoritative blogs

  • Increase Page Rank and traffic.

  • A perfect addition to your marketing toolkit

  • Semi-Automatic operation (nice and easy)

WP Spy Pro