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WP Spy Plugin



Special Software Agents Chris Jenkins & Rob Maggs here.

We learned the hard way. Too many of our niche websites died untimely deaths because we didn't monitor the competition closely enough. We know it’s vital to monitor the competitions backlinks, social shares and site set up to succeed as a marketer. But it’s time consuming and expensive to spy on the other guys--SEO tool subscriptions are very pricey!

Staying Ahead of the Competition is Like "Mission Impossible"...Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to climb the SERPs to the #1 position.


Staying Ahead of the Competition is not just a Constant Battle . . . it's a Nightmare!


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to climb the SERPs to the #1 position.
But to get there, you must know what your competitors are up to. You've gotta know their strengths and weaknesses--and where you stand in comparison.

If you don't know this information YOU WILL FAIL that's not just a fact it's a reality!
The problem is it’s been painfully time-consuming and expensive to mine data from the competition up to now.
You’ve had to:

  • Go cross-eyed looking at their page source to find the themes and plugins they’re using
  • Use expensive paid tools to ferret out where their backlinks and social shares are coming from
  • Find the keywords your competition is ranking for (good luck without effective tools)
  • Track the competition’s rankings to make sure they aren’t pulling ahead of you

And if you’re a local marketing consultant, you have to dig even further to uncover:

  • Whois data (to find the website owner)
  • Security vulnerabilities in websites (so you can provide security services to their owners)

But what if you had a swiss-army knife of a WordPress Plugin that could do all this for you. . . and more?

That’s where we come in as experienced software developers. . . We decided to invent a website espionage tool to put “Q” to shame.

Imagine if you had a tool that allowed you to:

  • Uncover your competition’s plugins and themes with a single click of your mouse . . . and tell you if they’re free or premium . . .
  • Download the free plugins and themes discovered with one click
  • Instantly show you where you can find the same themes and plugins your competition is using (just think of all the money you'll save, by copying the way the "Pros" put their sites together)
  • Uncover where the competition is getting their juiciest backlinks from so you can grab some of that refreshing link juice too
  • Run surveillance on the competition at will so they can never overtake you by surprise
  • Check for security issues to keep your sites safe from hackers (or find people in need of website security help from you)

The Competition is Fierce...Having the right set of website spy tools can make all the difference in winning the battles to rank your site and keep it ranked...or else just watch in despair as your site disappears!

The most successful marketers are spies, lurking in the shadows, observing what the competition is doing and taking note of anything that can improve their end game. If you’re not doing this already, you’re vulnerable and just waiting to get hit!
Its time to pull a stealth move your competition won’t even see coming.
Put on your trench coat, grab your spy decoder ring, because you’re about to become the 007 of the SERPs…

Introducing WP Spy . . . Website Espionage Finally Made Easy

Now anyone can discover a cornucopia of secrets about their competitors. . . right from a simple to use interface with WP Spy.

WP Spy is your complete multi-tool to uncover everything your competition wants to keep hidden. This WordPress plugin reveals covert information about your competitors sites, including:

  • Whois Data, so you can find who owns the sites, and if they own other sites in the same niche
  • Where your competition’s backlinks are coming from (so you can steal those links)
  • Find out if their site has security vulnerabilities (so you can sell security services)
  • Their main you can create similar content on your own site (invaluable information!)
  • Where they rank for their keywords, so you can compare your site’s rankings against them

This tool is a total game changer!

WP Spy covertly collects the information about your competitors sites that you need to know! Imagine a tool that allows you to spy on your competitors with one click of your mouse. . . and discover how the competition constructs their web sites and the tools they are using to dominate with. (invaluable)
And because WP Spy is an online tool anyone can use it, whether they operate on PC or Mac. This is a vast improvement over an earlier desktop version of our spy software. Before, we could only accommodate PC users. But now, the power to closely monitor the other guys is within any users reach.
But don’t just take our words for it.
Our beta-testers are raving about the power of WP Spy:

"WP-Spy, a new tool in my arsenal of MUST-HAVE web essentials. "

Thank you,
Karen Miller

V. Karen Miller, M.Ed., Design2Train

"This is so astoundingly fast and so full of information that every dream marketer needs! ...This is the very best tool I have seen in a very, LONG Time! "

Gilly Linge, My Reiki Touch

"Rob AKA Automation Guy is back with another great tool WP-SPY.
WP-SPY is a cool plugin which has impressive features and allows you to find out more information about any website."

Ajay Tiwari

WP Spy truly is a multi­function tool. It has 7 functions under one roof—all  designed to compile a complete dossier on your competition. They’ll think they can hide their secrets, but WP Spy will pry every nugget of data. Its suite of tools is so sophisticated they’ll spill everything before they know what’s happened Look inside WP Spy now, as we unveil its covert power to unearth the secrets of your fiercest competition . . .

Module 1: Site Info

If you think the competition’s site looks a mite sexier than yours does, no problem. You can get the same look with much less fuss than ever before. Put WP Spy to work to uncover the enemy’s:

  • BuiltWith data
  • Robot.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Source code
  • Domain info
  • Site security info
  • Geolocation
  • WP Data (WP version, plugins & themes)

You’ll be able to emulate the look of the competition with all of this classified data and find out why their site works so effectively.

Module 2: Page Info

This module of WP Spy will let you know in an instant if the bad guys have optimized their content properly. On­page optimization is powerful, and even more important after the many Google slaps. Send WP Spy out to find crucial optimization data you can take advantage of. One slip up, and you can produce your own optimized content that will beat theirs in SERP positions. Learn if the competition has optimized with:

  • Title
  • Meta keywords & meta description
  • Meta robots
  • Links
  • H1 & H2 tags
  • Text decoration
  • Body, meta­keywords & meta description length.

If the other guys have slipped up optimizing, you’ll know it in a flash.

Module 3: SEO Stats

Get debriefed on the other guys’ SEO standings from:

  • Alexa
  • Quantcast
  • Cached pages
  • Backlinks.

Know what you’re up against—now you’ll know what you have to do to take over rankings from your competition.

Module 4: Traffic

Uncover the enemy’s most viewed pages. Study why their bounce rates are low. Now all you’ve got to do is emulate the same kind of content and page layout to grab your share of their traffic! Get underground info on:

  • Daily page views
  • Alexa rank
  • Bounce rate
  • Pageviews/viewer

And more...

Module 5: Links

Links are still critical to long ­term rankings, despite what you might have heard. The best strategy is to find out where your competition gets their most powerful links from—and set out to get them from the same places. WP Spy goes into stealth mode to uncover the other guys’ links as reported by:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

And more... Now you’ll see every URL with external links on the other guy’s site and their anchor text. Emulate them to dominate them in the SERPs.

You’ve seen the features and raving reviews about WP Spy . . . so what are you waiting for? Click the buy button below to get started on your covert mission to dominate the SERPs...starting right now. . .

This offer will self-destruct in only 72 hours, so don’t delay!

WP Spy Plugin

Revealed...Your Competitors' Secrets For Your Eyes Only!

What Hefty Fees Would You Pay for a Suite of Tools to Do Everything WP Spy Does for You? There’s no doubt SEO tools that uncover social shares and backlinks are very pricey. For example:

  • Moz will set you back $99/month at a minimum
  • Majestic SEO runs $50 per month (that’s for their lowest priced package)
  • Ahrefs starts at $79/month
  • Raven Tools Pro runs $99/month, and their agency pricing is a steep $249/month

Tools like these are out of reach for many marketers. And that’s a shame, because having backlink and social share intel on the competition is crucial to improving your own ranking position.

But now with WP Spy, you won’t be left out in the cold any longer.

Just enter the URL of your competition and a single click will reveal all. Discover where your competition gets their most powerful backlinks from, and you can beat them at their own game.

But don’t forget, WP Spy does something even these powerful SEO tools do not. . . something that can save you wads of cash. . .

Don’t Go Plugin and Theme Shopping without WP Spy!

You may not know this, but . . . many of the plugins and themes we so desperately want are just reinvented versions of free ones! Savvy marketers know this. They use free plugins which achieve exactly the same results as costly paid equivalents do.

WP Spy can tell you in an instant what WordPress themes and plugins your competition are using . . . and can instantly download any free versions of these tools for you.

This can save you a bundle buying premium themes and plugins. After all, many premium WordPress products are just versions of widely available free WP themes and plugins--so why pay for the same features you can get for free?

Now you can discover the hottest free plugins and themes that the Professionals are using. You can easily copy their business cool is that?

WP Spy Highlights Security Vulnerabilities for You and has a feature few other plugins have.

WP Spy lets you scan a site, and report any hidden vulnerabilities it might have. Now, you have ample opportunity to fix security issues before a hacker can take advantage of your site and put it out of commission.

Think about the potential revenue and headaches this can save you.

But not only that.

Imagine if you’re a website designer…
You can look at a poorly designed blog, highlight security issues, present the owner with a report...and bingo, you’ve got a new client!

Just think about it . . . how much is this knowledge worth to you over the course of your online career? Hundreds? Thousands?

Ask yourself these questions knowing WP Spy is on your side:

How much will you save on premium SEO tools over the next year ? Or on purchasing premium themes and plugins for your sites? Don’t forget to ask yourself the value of even a single new client. . . When you add it all up, WP Spy can save you countless hours of work collecting intel on competitors’ sites. . . and hundreds of dollars on premium WP themes and plugins. Maybe even bring you a new client worth thousands in lifetime customer value. . .

That’s why WP Spy is a total steal today!



We’re all about giving our customers the best tools to crack the code of SERP domination. That is why we are committed to making WP Spy even more deadly and effective. This tool is not a Flash in the pan product that will disappear six months down the WP Spy is here to stay for life! You can clearly see the utmost value you’ll receive from your purchase of WP Spy today. . . saving hundreds on themes, plugins and SEO tools. You've got to act fast though WP Spy is on a 72-hour introductory special . . . act now to get it at the lowest price you’ll ever see it offered at.

Click the button below to claim your copy of WP Spy now.

WP Spy Plugin

There’s No Secret Here. . . WP Spy is Fully-Backed by Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love WP Spy, that your purchase of WP Spy today is risk-free. You’ll enjoy keeping one step ahead of your competition with WP Spy, plus save hours of time looking at source code and even use WP Spy to acquire new clients.

And you’ll have the peace of mind you can find security vulnerabilities before the bad guys can exploit them.

But the risk’s all on us. Try out WP Spy for 30-days, and put it through its paces. If you’re not absolutely delighted, contact our support desk for a prompt return on your investment.

You have our word on it.

Rob Maggs & Chris Jenkins

Let’s Quickly Recap. . .

  • Discover the plugins and themes used by any wordpress blog (invaluable)
  • Instantly download any free plugin and theme discovered by WP Spy...with one click…(unique and efficient)
  • Discover the Whois details about any site (great for offliners, service providers)
  • Check the on page SEO for your own site is up to snuff. . . or see what your competitors are lacking
  • Discover site vulnerabilities so you protect them from hackers and gain new grateful clients (invaluable)
  • See all the social shares your competition has (Discover those social strengths and weaknesses)
  • Get any domain’s backlinks so you can steal them for your own (invaluable data)
  • Archive all your searches for future analysis (Time saving, time is precious)
  • View history of site, backlinks, shares etc. (See how you are winning)

You won’t find so much value packed into an online application anywhere else. So buy now in complete confidence you’re backed by our 30-day guarantee. . . you can start enjoying the benefits of WP Spy in just minutes from now by clicking on the button below:

WP Spy Plugin

Take Your Business to the Next Level . . .
WP-Spy is a Game Changer!

WP Spy Is Here To Stay...Make Sure You Can Say The Same For Your Site!

If you want to emulate what the successful people in your niche are doing, then you need this tool. The things you will learn about your competition, the secrets you'll discover and the money that the tool will save you makes WP Spy a total "NO-Brainer." Take action now and get your WordPress Blog to where you want it, without the hassle and tech knowledge needed before. With the covert information provided by WP Spy, you’ll be able to rank your site much easier. . . and enjoy the benefits of increased leads and sales. Not to mention, you’ll be able to thwart pesky hackers at every turn. We’re stoked you’ve accepted the mission to dominate the SERPs with WP Spy . . . and we’re looking forward to hearing how you’re overtaking the competition and saving money at the same time. Sincerely, Rob and Chris

P.S. Can’t help but notice you’re still hanging around reading this. Look--the library’s the place for reading--and it’s down the street. This is the place for action takers!

We’ve already gone over all the benefits you get from this powerful online tool. . . like being able to uncover the competition’s backlinks and social shares, and find out what themes and plugins they’re using. Not to mention, WP Spy lets you download any free plugins they’re using instantly.

All the juicy data WP Spy gathers for you is collected in a csv file so you can keep track of rankings and other data over time.

And making your site less vulnerable to hackers is priceless.

You’ll save hundreds, even thousands over the course of a year on SEO tools with WP Spy too. . .

Not to mention, your purchase of WP Spy is 100% risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

So, what are you waiting around for? Grab WP Spy right now, while you still can. . . this offer self-destructs in only 72 hours.


Q. Will WP Spy work on my Mac?

A. Yes, because WP Spy is a WordPress plugin. It’s web-based so it’s compatible with any platform, regardless if the user is operating with a PC or Mac computer.

Q. Is this going to be like most software launches? Should I expect WP Spy to stop working and be hung out to dry a few months down the road without support?

A. Absolutely not! One of the reasons we decided to offer WP Spy as SaaS was so we could re-invest in it, and bring the features you want most, as well as provide updated versions of the software as required. Giving our customers superb customer support is our mission. We want to be around for the long-term, not just make a few bucks in a one-off launch and disappear for good.

Q. How does WP Spy compare against sophisticated SEO tools, such as Raven Tools?

A. Well, for one thing, WP Spy is much less expensive. While Raven and similar products provide superb services, they tend to be very pricey, and aimed more at agency level users with deep pockets. WP Spy brings many of the same features that these tools have, but at an affordable price for the solo entrepreneur.

Q. Can WP Spy extract data from non-WordPress sites?

A. Yes, as well as the millions of websites built on the WordPress platform, you’ll have totally no shortage of sites to extract data from.

Q. Can WP Spy track progress over time?

A. Yes, absolutely. WP Spy will take a snapshot of your progress and store it for you to compare against your progress in the future.

Q. Is there a recurring fee for WP Spy?

A. No there is no recurring monthly fee for the use of WP Spy, 

Q. Does WP Spy have a guarantee?

A. Yes, we want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase of WP Spy today. If for any reason you decide WP Spy isn't for you, contact our support desk within 30 days of purchase and we’ll cheerfully return your investment. 

WP Spy Plugin